The Pack’s future and progress so far…

What are the Wulfz?

The Wulfz are a collection of ERC-721 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. We are primarily an art-focused project, however, we will also be focusing on multiple phases in the future to ensure that holders are rewarded, and the Wulfz ecosystem expands. Wulfz are peaceful creatures, but they will do anything to make sure that their Pack is protected. Wulfz traits are inspired by anime, pop culture, movies, televisions, and books.

Our Progress so far

Here at the Wulfz, we feel that transparency is essential. The Pack deserves to know at what stage we are with the project. Our development is getting completed at great speed. Finishing the development early will give us time to fine-tune and test everything to ensure no issues on mint day. As for the art, we want to create the best traits and features possible for our Wulfz. Our artist and team care a lot about details. We have shown a lot of excellent 1/1 thus far, however, we need every Wulf to look great and not like it was just thrown together. Being perfectionists will make our release take longer, but it will ensure the success and longevity of the Wulfz.

  • Built an amazing community ✅
  • Website & Wulfz Hub front-end complete ✅
  • Initial structure of $AWOO utility token smart contract ✅
  • Smart Contract in progress ➡️
  • Traits and features in progress ➡️

  • 15,000 Discord members grown organically
  • 350,000 messages sent in our main chats
  • 6,900+ Twitter Followers grown organically
  • 1,500+ Fan-arts Submitted
  • 1,000+ trait ideas submitted

How the Wulfz will be Launched

Our main goal with Wulfz is to distribute each NFT to as many unique holders. To achieve this goal, we will be allocating the majority of the sale to whitelist. As of writing this, we have only whitelisted ~; there is still plenty of time to secure a spot to be the chosen one. We will determine the mint price closer to launch. Ethereum prices can be volatile; we believe it is too early to be set on a price.

When Launch?

We have an internal launch date set, however, we don’t want to announce anything until we are 100% confident we are ready. There won’t be any stealth launches, and the release will be announced at least one week in advance.

Phase 1: $AWOO

1 $AWOO = 1 $AWOO

The Wulfz ecosystem is fueled by the $AWOO token. It will also be a governance token down the road to help carry out proposals and voting in our roadmap. It is important to know that $AWOO is a utility token for the game mechanics of the Wulfz ecosystem and is not a security. It has no monetary value.

Wulfz Hub:

The Wulfz hub is our dashboard where you can stake your Wulfz to earn $AWOO per day. The Wulfz Hub will also be the place you can access the Daycare, the Full moon, and the other phases we implement down the road. We have other innovative ideas for the Wulfz Hub, however, we will share them later.

Phase 2: The Daycare, Getting your Wulf Pupz

Using your Wulfz and your $AWOO, you will be able to get a Pup. Pupz are the baby version of the Wulfz, and will be the future leaders of the Wulf Pack. More information on the Pupz and a sneak peek of them will come soon.

Phase 3: Full Moon, Evolution into Alpha Wulfz

Using your $AWOO, you will be able to evolve your Wulf during a Full Moon into an Alpha Wulf. Alpha Wulfz will be extremely limited. All Alpha Wulfz will be animated. Alpha Wulfz will also have a special utility. More information on the Alpha Wulfz and a sneak peek of them will come soon.



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