Wulfz Next Phases / Utility

3 min readApr 1, 2022


Now that the Pupz have been burned and there will be absolutely no more changes to our main collection, it’s time to share what we have planned for the upcoming months!

The Werewulfz (threat to the Wulfz) have officially begun their attack on the Wulfz and Pupz! Pupz are essential to the unknown threat utility. While the Werewulfz have caused destruction across the entire daycare, they have yet to be seen. As a pack, it is our responsibility to remain alert and attentive to our surroundings. It is time to begin accumulating $AWOO to equip your Wulfz and Pupz with weapons for battle. We recommend that you begin forming micro-packs with your fellow Wulfz friends. Over the coming weeks, the threat of the Werewulfz will become stronger, giving us a glimpse at the strength of our threat. Who knows, some of your close Wulfz friends may already be living a double-life as a Werewulf? Begin forming your micro-packs with friends and pooling your $AWOO to protect the pack.

We are taking a gamified approach to the Werewulfz to add both excitement and risk. With great risk comes great reward!

Wulfz VX Mint Soon 💎

We are happy to share that all artwork has been finished for the Wulfz 3D collection. We are currently in the process of generating all possible Voxel combinations and ensuring that all characters meet The Sandbox Game specs. We have some insanely epic traits as featured in the sneak peeks above. Please bear with us as we complete the final touches on this amazing collection — we are making incredible progress! The release of the Wulfz 3D collection and all of the logistics surrounding it are being worked out right now. Make sure to stay tuned to our announcements and other discord channels for the most up to date news! All the information below is up to date as of April 1st.

1:1 matching Wulfz mintable with $AWOO

Genesis 3D Wulfz (Identical traits reserved for holders): 5,555 Supply

Never before seen 3D Wulfz (new traits): 4,444 Supply

A combination of new and old traits are being used to create new rares, onesies, and legendaries. We will be providing whitelist to community and partner groups for non-matching VX models. Details on release method, price etc will be announced closer to launch! 3D Alpha Wulfz will be released shortly after the launch of the genesis collection and will be airdropped to all Alpha Wulfz holders. Wulfz VX will be in a separate collection, meaning that the size of the genesis collection will not change. We cannot wait for you to meet your VX and join our very own land in The Sandbox Game! *Wulfz VX will begin integrating into additional games too.

Raffle Tickets for Whitelist & NFTs 🎫

Raffles are coming to the shop and are going to be an excellent way to burn your $AWOO for amazing prizes! Each raffle will allow you to purchase as many tickets as you would like to give you better chances at winning prizes. Raffles will have a set price for each ticket and a set time period in which anyone can enter. Raffle Items will include: Wulfz from the Official Vault, NFTs from other projects and whitelist spots from our partnered projects!

Thanks to all of The Pack for being apart of the community, we are looking forward to the future!




A pack of Wulfz finding their way through the Metaverse. 🐺 $AWOO